Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Curators of groups

2012-2013 academic year

Group Curator’s full name
ЕПфе-12-1 assistant Syomina S.S.
ЕПфе-12-2 assistant Shagoyan S.М.
ЕПфеС-12-1 assistant Tsykhmystro V.V.
ЕПс-11-1 senior lecturer Grybinenko O.M.
ЕП-11-1 senior lecturer Ascheulova O.M.
ЕП-10-1 assistant Shagoyan S.М.
ЕП-10-2 assistant Shagoyan S.М.
ЕПс-10, ЕПс-09 assistant Tsykhmystro V.V.
ЕП-09-1 assistant Pundyak N.B.
ЕП-09-2 assistant Marchenko О.О.
ЕГ-08-1 professor Shapoval V.М.
ЕГ-08-2 professor Shapoval V.М.
ЕГ-08-3 professor Shapoval V.М.
ЕГ-08-м professor Shapoval V.М.

Department telephone: (056-2) 46-90-15

Head of the Department of Economic of Enterprises, professor                Shapoval V.М.

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