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Research works

At the Department of Economics of Enterprise is noted a wide spectrum of the organization of research work: the implementation of the state budget themes, participation in international, Ukrainian, regional and university scientific and practical, scientific and methodical conferences, "round tables", seminars and symposia; preparation and publication of monographs, textbooks, scientific guidelines, publications, articles and abstracts; establishment of scientific relations with higher educational institutions of Ukraine and foreign institutions of higher education; research work of students.

The main directions of scientific work at the department are:

The development strategy of mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine;

Formation and use of the potential of modern enterprises;

Formation of the social responsibility of businesses and its components;

System Management of economic security of domestic enterprises;

Formation of the competition policy of the state, region, enterprise;

Formation of the motivational mechanism of modern enterprises;

The development strategy of small business in Ukraine.

Professor Shapoval V.M. member of the dissertation council D 08.080.01 at the State Higher Educational Institution "National Mining Establishment ".

Professor Ponomarenko P.I.   chairman of the committee on teaching innovative disciplines in higher education at Pridneprovsk scientific center.

Professor Solodovnyk L.M.  member of the dissertation council D 08.080.01 at the State Higher Educational Establishment "National Mining University".

The department conducts active research work, which is displayed in the subject of scientific research:

1. Improving the efficiency of incentives for workers in management teams in the restructuring of the geological enterprises (state registration number 0112U004762, term 2012–2013, scientific supervisor Ponomarenko P.І.).

2. Improving the management of material flows within the framework of internal logistics systems (state registration number 0112U004199, term 2012–2015 рр., scientific supervisor Solodovnyk L.М.).

3. Competition policy forming as a strategy for the development of modern Ukraine (state registration number 0112U004197, term 2012–2015, scientific supervisor Shapoval V.М.).

4. Economic security managing of mining and processing plant as the subject of corporate structures (state registration number 0112U004200, term 2012–2015, scientific supervisor  Solodovnyk L.М.).

5. Development of organizational and economic mechanisms to ensuring sustainable development of mining enterprises and regions (state registration number 0112U004202, term 2012–2015, scientific supervisor  Pashkevych М.S.).

The results of scientific and research works are displayed in the publications teachers, put  into management practice (as evidenced by the acts and certificates) are used in the learning process.

At present, ready for registration 3 themes:

Charity as a condition of formation of socially oriented economy (period 20142018, scientific supervisor Shapoval V.M.);

Environmental responsibility of enterprises in regional development strategy (term 20142018, scientific superviso Shapoval V.M.).

Mechanisms for efficient use of the resource potential of enterprises in the region as the direction of improving their competitiveness (the period 20142018, scientific supervisor Shapoval V.M.).

During the 2013–2014 years department was organizer and co-organizer of scientific conferences:

1. International Scientific and Practical Conference "The effective management of the economy: theory and practice" (4–5 October 2013, Cherkassy).

2. International scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of economy of Ukraine: trends, risks, incentives" (November 8–9, 2013, Dnepropetrovsk).

3. II Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists "Enterprise Economy: Problems and Prospects" (December 25, 2013, Dnepropetrovsk)

4. II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Competitiveness of Economy of Ukraine: theory, models, mechanism" (25–26 January 2013, Kherson).

5. I International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference "Economics in the context of globalization: issues, trends and prospects" (February 25 – March 1, 2013, Dnepropetrovsk).

6. III International Scientific and Practical Conference "Economic growth in public-private partnerships" (March 15–16, 2013, Dnepropetrovsk).

7. International scientific and practical conference "Effective mechanisms and strategies of economic management from the enterprise level to the level of countries" (March 21–22, 2014, Dnepropetrovsk).

8. International scientific and practical conference "Economics and Management of complex economic theory and practice of modern conditions" (March 27, 2014, Lugansk).

9. International scientific and practical conference "Formation and efficient use of financial resources in the economy" (11–12 April 2014, Cherkassy).

10. International scientific and practical conference "Ways of improving economic efficiency in terms of reforms: the experience of developed and transition economies" (April 12, 2013, Dnepropetrovsk).

11. International scientific and practical conference "The market economic mechanisms for sustainable development: innovation and financial support" (9–10 May 2014, Dnepropetrovsk).

12. International scientific and practical conference "Formation and use of the productive capacity of the economy of the CIS countries and the EU" (May 15, 2013, Dnepropetrovsk).

13. IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Strategy of development of economic systems at the micro and macro level" (May 17–18, 2013, Dnepropetrovsk).


According to the results of all the conferences published collections of materials.


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