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Department of Economics of the Enterprise is a part of financial and economic faculty of the National Mining University, provides training and educational, scientific and methodical work.

The Department is the successor the Department of Economics of Industry, which was established in 1968.

The Department of Economics of Enterprises is one of the leading in Institute of Economics at the State Higher Educational Establishment «National Mining University», which is a recognized leader in the field of economic education in Dnipropetrovsk. Effectively combining the long tradition and experience with innovative approaches and technology specialists of the Department of Economics of Enterprises provide a consistently high level of education. Our graduates acquire all knowledge and skills required for successful professional activity, so they are always claimed in a competitive labor market.

At the Department students trained in the direction of «Economics of Enterprises».

At the present time, the department has 23 teachers, 22 of them full-time.

Doctors of sciences - 4 staff.

candidates of sciences - 9 (8 full-time).

from them, 2 have the title of professor and 7 - title of assistant professor.

Senior Lecturer - 2 full-time;

Assistants - 8 full-time.

The department staff has an experience of practical and research activities at the leading industrial enterprises, consulting companies, research institutions and others.

The department trains bachelors, specialists and masters by speciality «Economics of enterprises».

Professor Solodovnyk L.M. is delivering the lecture

Among the basic disciplines taught at the Department: the basics of business organization, economics of enterprises, economics of industry, economic analysis, production organization, planning of enterprises activities, economics and organization of innovation activities, strategy of an enterprise, cost management, investment, valuation of enterprises property, the economic risks of the enterprise, project analysis, business planning and more.

Teachers, postgraduate students and students take part in national and international conferences, congresses, symposia, as well as have internships at leading universities, industrial companies and consulting firms.

Associate Professor, Ph. D. (Economics) Pashkevych M.S. is opening school of young scientists classes «Economic and law basis for development of innovative projects and projects with technology transfer»

Specialists of the Department carry out active research and development activities, on the basis of which:

– implement new solutions in industrial enterprises;

– publish articles in leading professional and scientific editions in Ukraine and abroad

– prepare new textbooks and monographes;

– collaborate with other educational and research establishments and business-structures.

Student’s report and presentation on the conference «Student Spring» is evaluated by colleagues and teachers of the Department

Students and graduate students take part in research activities together with leading specialists of the Department, acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Co-workers of the department are actively cooperating with many companies in various industries and professional associations in Ukraine and abroad, tahat allow them to bring into the learning process the best latest scientific and practical achievements.

The best evidence of the high quality education of our graduates is their professional achievements. We proud of steadily high level of our graduates employment and great interest in them from leading employers.

Due to the high quality of education and the most universality of speciality «Economics of Enterprises» in comparison with other economic specialities, graduates of our Department working as leading specialists of known and authoritative companies and organizations in different fields: Research and Production Enterprise «INTER-PIPE», Commercial Bank «PrivatBank», mine «Krasnoarmeyskaya Zapadnaya» and so on.

Teachers of the Department are conducting a tour of the university for students of Pavlograd technical school

Teachers with students are taking part in training «Teambuilding» in recreation and sports camp «Girnyk»

Educational and methodical work of the department 

Department of Economics of Enterprises prepares students in the direction of 6.030504 "Economics of Enterprises" educational qualification of "Bachelor" and specialty 7(8).03050401 "Economics of Enterprises (by economic activity)" educational and qualification levels "specialist" and "master".

Methodical work is carried out in accordance with annual plans and individual plans of teachers.

Department of Economics of Enterprises provides the learning process and teaching more than 40 general economic and professional economic disciplines for the preparation of bachelors and masters degree in "Economics of Enterprises", and also 15 normative and optional economic disciplines for training other economic and technical specialties of the Institute of Economics, Institute of Distance Education, Interdisciplinary Institute of Continuing Education and Geological faculty of SHEE "NMU".

Teachers of the department are constantly being updated and control subjects coursework, control tasks of lectures and practical modules in each discipline; formed base of tests for the number of disciplines; prepared lecture workbooks.

The teaching of all subjects is based on the latest achievements of national and world education, taking into account all the changes that occur in the economy and in the legislation of Ukraine, used the experience of developed countries in solving many economic problems.

Upbringing work of the department 

An integral part of the department is upbringing work with students. First of all, it concerns the work of curators outside the academic buildings. By working with the head of the dean's office, mentors help to solve urgent problems of learning, self-study and life of students. Assistants Shaghoyan S.N., Tsykhmystro V.V., Ashcheulova A.N., Semina S.S. Marchenko A.A. Bondarenko L.A. and chief of department Shapoval V.M. have group of students with whom they are constantly carrying out activities of upbringing work, consider issues of life safety. The mentors don’t ignore educational work in the field of cultural development of students.

The Department, together with the students participating in charity events under the slogan "Help the Children" for children in the homes of orphans who receive financial and humanitarian help.

In 2014, for I–V students specialty courses "Economics of enterprises" the second time was held "Economy-ring" (May 6, 2014).

Youth policy of the Department of Economics of the Enterprise is based on the provisions of the declaration "On general principles of the state youth policy in Ukraine", according to which "the state youth policy – is a systemic activity of the state in relation to a person, youth, youth movement, which is carried out in the legislative and judicial spheres and, seeks to establish a socio-economic, political, organizational, legal conditions and guarantees for the life of self-determination, intellectual, moral, physical development of young people, the realization of its creative potential, both in their own interests and in the interests of Ukraine".

Youth policy of the Department agreed with the policy of the University and is aimed on raising a harmoniously developed, highly educated and socially active national-conscious person endowed with civic responsibility, high spiritual qualities, patriotic feelings, capable of self-development and self-improvement. It is carried out for the benefit of students, society, state, and is based on the long tradition of the University, the historical and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, taking into account international experience to support young people.

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