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About specialty «Economics of Enterprises»

The world is undergoing significant changes and these changes are fleeting.

Now we can see with our own eyes how disappear once mighty banks and industrial companies, how become powerful and begin to dictate terms was once poor and undeveloped countries. We can argue about whose fault is it and what to do. However, one fact can not be questioned: first of all the reasons of all these processes are economic factors. The economy of the world is created not only and not so much by talk of politicians at the international level or lightning reactions of billionaires and financial geniuses. It largely created by the efforts of those people who are engaged in economic work at the enterprise level. Moreover, almost anyone of mentioned rulers of the world and money can say that wouldn’t understand economics on a global scale, not knowing the mysteries of enterprises activity.

If You are active and thinking person, if You want to engage in activity that has a practical focus, precise and unquestionable benchmarks of success, the specialty «Economics of Enterprises» - just for You.

Remember - a lot in Your life depends not on what they tell You but how You think by Yourself. Unfortunately now the spread opinion get about little prospect of economic profession and glut of spesialists in economics of domestic labor market. In this way likely people think who do not care about Your home, Your city or village, Your state, solving the problems of the economy all these «cells» of being belongs to economist. Laziness and lack of patriotism and unwillingness to change something in Your own life and the life of our relatives generate not very educated graduate economists. And it concerns not only Ukrainian universities - with such traits of character You with the same success can be in the same line of the unemployed with the graduate, for example, of Harvard Business School.

We hope that You understand that the prospects of quality economic education are in our country, especially in our city. As in life, so much depends on You and Your desire to learn. Life gives You chances - You choose, use them or not.

One of such chances is going to the State Higher Educational Establishment «National Mining University» to the specialty «Economics of Enterprises».

Economists for the qualification of «bachelor» are prepared for a wide range of companies in different industries.

Are You interested? Then the National Mining University offers You the opportunity to not only get an education of economist, but also deepen Your knowledge of foreign languages, take part in international programs, visit universities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, share knowledge with foreign students.

Moreover, You have the opportunity to get qualification of economist with the right teaching of economics (master's degree). It means that with this diploma You can not only work on the economic positions, but also You can teach economics at all levels - from school to university.

If You will want to deepen Your knowledge and become a scientist, You also have all possibilities – there are postgraduate and doctoral studies at the university.

You can see that the prospects are more than enough. These are real prospects

The demand for such professionals will always exist: while it will be economy there will be enterprises – it’s foundation.

And You can become a real master in this direction. Levers of economic systems management at different levels are in the hands of economist. Moreover, without strong economic knowledge management activity becomes either meaningless or even harmful to whole society.

We hope that our frank conversation helped You to understand how economic sciences are necessary and important. You should think about Your future. We are sure that You heed the advice and choose our university and our specialty «Economics of Enterprises».

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